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Guangzhou Yuyuan nternational Logistics Co., Ltd.
Tel: 020-29070751
Fax: 020-36452653
WeChat: 15302373574
Service QQ:2831435198
QQ:1933730293 customer service
Address: First floor, Xincun Xiaozhu, No. 11 Xiaxincun St, Jiahe St, Baiyun Dist, Guangzhou, CN

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Guangzhou Yuyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd                                                                                                

Service scope:
Taken the air freight by shipping service (proxy CA CA/uae EK airlines SQ airline/UPS/Hong Kong airlines, etc.);Sea-air freight, cargo;
Taken the agent DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, etc, and self-built Japanese special line, the Middle East express special line, the Russian special line;
Taken the generation of customs clearance and transit business, part of the documents of agents;
Major airlines of cooperation:
China airlines, American airlines, the Russian airline, Poland, the united Arab emirates airline, China southern airlines, Thai airways, Germany han sand and aviation, e

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